Wednesday, September 16

blasts from the past

are all well and good but what if you cant remember them? Im in a bind and in need of advice. I recieved an email today courtesy of Friends Reunited ( who uses them anymore anyway? everyones on Facebook!) 'Hi Kel, hows things... think of you and your family often...signed X. Nice, love tracking people down myself and love being 'found'. Problem is, in this case i have absoloutely no idea who this person X is. Its embarrasing and a little worrying. Was i really as good a friend with this person as the tone of their mail implied? or just how fickle was I as a teen? Or, is it possible that they found more in me than I of them at the time and so remembered me more? I dunno. Its all a bit trippy. My problem is now, I have no idea of the best way to respond. Do i tell them straight up that I have absoloutely no remote idea who they are? that seems so cruel. So brutal. So, not me. But to send back a benign mail in the hope of garnering more information and therefore jog my memory, without referencing my dilemma seems dishonest. Anyone else had this problem? How would you handle it? Sheesh. This is such a farking new age, social networking, techie problem.


Gavin said...

Hi Kel, I have had the same dilemma on Facebook. If they have a photo and I vaguely recognise them, I just ask what class we were in together at school. In one case I just had to tell the person that I didn't remember them because they had no photo, and that I was sorry. Even after more info from them, I still couldn't remember them!

We meet so many people in our lifetimes, we can't be expected to remember everyone we have ever met, surely not?


Anonymous said...

I assume you've tried googling them? They may have changed their surname and forgotten to mention it in the email.

Maybe "I'm having trouble putting a face to the name"? Do you have a school yearbook or anything you could look at to jog your memory? It's also possible that you don't know them, and they are looking for someone with the same name as you.

Rixa said...

Perhaps it's spam? I get these kind of emails every so often and just delete them.

Katy said...

Isn't it wierd when people do this - a girl from my highschool found me on facebook & wanted to put me as her friend (and wanted everyone on my list)- we never even spoke in highschool - I think it was just a 'I need a big facebook list moment' - just tell her memory fails after a while - she will probably understand x

Kelly said...

she is listed in FR as attending my high school, so not spam. she sounds like a really interesting woman, from the keyteye central australian mob and is an activist for the stolen generation. a google search produced a familiar face..thanks ICG, forgot to Google! doh. but still cant really recall her. im gonna have to fess up.