Thursday, September 3

a different kind of clean and tidy

A few days ago The bloke tells me that in early Novemeber some people from the Greens party will be coming over and am I fine with that?
Im writing that paper so Im not really 100% listening or focusing on the details. "Sure, no problem" I love having people over.

So, last night Im organising my life and check the date again with him that people are coming around and to please tell me again why they are coming. "Its a fundraiser for the Greens" Great. Nice. Interesting.
People are actually coming over on an RSVP basis and PAYING TO COME AND CHECK OUT MY HOUSE AND GARDEN! Any idea of the tiny little bit of pressure in that?

So after picking myself up, groaning, I tell the Bloke that we've got some work to do before then, in the garden and the house. His response. "Nah, it'll be fine Kell"


Barbara said...

I was going to say "Don't stress, your house is fine" but of course
I would be the same as you!

Stewart said...

His response. "Nah, it'll be fine Kell"
How blokey is that?
Hope it's a successful day!!

Laura Jane said...

I'm sure I'll be giving it my seal of approval.

Heavens! (It probably WILL be fine) but I'd be stressing a bit too

Julie said...

Can I admit that I've said No to two things recently (one of which was a possible TV show feature) because the thought of all the work I'd have to do to make my garden (let alone my HOUSE) appear neat & tidy made me feel physically sick? Ridiculous! You will be right Kel, anyone in the Greens party isn't going to give a shit about things not being immaculate - and frankly they'd probably be a bit suspicious if they were ;-)

Katrine said...

that sounds exactly like something ben would say ... and my reponse would probably be to hide under my doona until it was all over...
it's a good excuse to get everything looking fabulous though!

greenfumb said...

Men, they all seem to be the same. My husband would invite the queen and still think it was ok not to hoover or clean the bathroom. I think it's because any lack of cleanliness automatically reflects on the female partner even if we are holding down a job as well as running a home.

Your house looked fine the last time I saw a picture and as Julie said they're Greens, you can always say it's environmentally unfriendly to clean!

naturewitch said...

Hi Kel
Hmmmm .... housework .... aaaargh! As if you don't have enough to do. But as others have said, Greens wouldn't worry. Just sit back and enjoy! xx

kale for sale said...

I laughed. It wouldn't be any different at my house. In fact he would probably add a couple new stacks of sailing magazines or an art project for good measure!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I think it's an inbuilt thing, to have the place looking reasonably tidy when people visit. Maybe you should have a few flyers for your eco-bags lying around the place as well.

Kelly said...

barabra- exactly!

stewart- you nailed it! Thanks

laura jane- exactly again.

julie- thats the bloke argument!

katrine- thanks for hte doona recommendation- think me n the kids will fit?

greenfumb- yup, you nailed it too. its a feminist issue and i cant rise above it! *tears hair out* (and then has to pick it up)

naturewitch- i need to start channelling all you lot!

kale- my other side of brain taks this way. Im soo divided .

pip- 'inbuilt' for women it seems and not the blokes! Hopefully i will have something ready to 'leave lying around'. If it were just a lot of people coming around for an event or occasion i may be more free with my attitude but the fact that everyone is PAYING to come see a passive soalr house n garden in action..FREAKIN ME OUT! kinda feel like you should be able to at least get no dust bunnies and dead animal bits if youre paying!

Veggie Gnome said...

They should have to pay EXTRA for dust bunnies. That's all I can say. :)