Friday, May 15


this work trip has been challenging. I have been travelling around the country doing interviews with medical staff who work for and in aged care facilities. Doctors, registered nurses and carers who have been involved in a pilot project I have been evaluating on better management and treatment techniques for better oral health for residents in aged care, by way of group interview. Its the culmination of a life time of work of my colleague who passed away a few months ago, so its been wonderful to do this implementation and get such fantastic feedback that the pilot has been incredibly successful and the outcomes for residents have been transformational and improved quality of life for them like the carers couldnt have believed. However, despite such wonderful results from this work, after two work days in aged care facilities for high care residents...Im very certain that i do not want to spend my last days or years in one of these places AND I HAVE EATEN A FEW MORE CREAM BUN THINGS THAN I WOULD EVER EAT IN A YEAR! Been very busy in the hotel gym, morning and night! running, running, cycling, cycling.

Other highlight. Last night I watched the Footy Show after i got in to my apartment. Shower, bed, fell, button, tv, watched. First time ever. Couldnt but stay glued to the show that regularly showcases the biggest mysogynists in Australia who also talk football (yawn)on a regular basis, give lots of airtime to surprisingly articulate and empathic male CEOs who were demanding accountability of their players and refusing to resort to apologising for their demeaning and abusive behaviour towards women. I think we have just witnessed a huge public step forward in football leadership, i dont think we would have seen anything like this level of solidarity and consistency from the media ranks in the past,something has changed with this incident...and a small step toward responsible journalism and away from blaming the victim. The change in language and focus of the leaders of the game showcased, who refused to get caught up in the normal semantic tricks reporting of sexual abuse cases, I found quite incredible and yet believable. Maybe, just maybe, we have witnessed a small watershed...


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Jen said...

Couldnt bring myself to watch the footy show (but admire you for being able to), but have listened to a dissection of the issues on Radio National recently. Many still believe that the girl in question was still partly responsible, and 'got what she asked for'. That consenting to sex with one, meant that she was 'up for it' with the whole bloody team. A few senior league guys expressed the opinion that is all about male bonding...appalling way to generate this.

I really like what one journo Annabel Crabb has to say on this subject:
'Why would a group of blokes come together, as if drawn by some invisible gravitational force, and gather in a room to masturbate with each other?

What do we ordinarily call that behaviour?

Much criticism has been made that the players who engage in "bunning" are exploiting these girls for bestial sexual purposes.

I don't know.

Those girls are being used all right, but I reckon they're being used as beards to disguise the otherwise perfectly obvious, screaming queerness of what's going on.'

Come on. Are you kidding?

Let's say it out loud: it's the gayest thing ever.'

Kel said...

jen- brilliant response. just loved it. i do believe its the way to put an end to this 'bonding', just name them all! nothin' wrong with being gay, but i reckon its not what half the 'machismo', mysogynist denialists are reckoning on.

Kel said...

and yes- it was the David Gallop CEO who i referred to whom Annabel Crabb mentioned as surprising and sanity maintaining. loved the article.

kale for sale said...

I miss your haiku.