Saturday, May 9

Autumn Glory

The garden is just looking after itself at the moment and its looking glorious. It changes througout the day and the afternoon is my favourite time. The light on the autumn leaves makes the inside of the house glow gold.

The day got better. Worked the guilt through by doing more work! Ha! Bathroom clean, bedroom dusted. Dinner made and party food prepared. We're going out! B1 and B2 are 'doing' the Bean. Got mah dancing pants ON. Looking forward to a Bedouin tent, groovy tunes and reclining on a cushion or two.

Pass the Kife please...


Annuska said...

It just looks unreal! Fairy tale like!!

Kel said...

its probably just on the tail end of its prettiest week of the whole year. glorious. drop by thursday and have a cuppa and enjoy the view.