Saturday, May 9

Work Life balance

its a bit outta whack me thinks. I had thought we were getting pretty good at this but the last few days Ive been a bit crabby, snappy and just a tad cranky. Ive shut up emotional shop. Bunkered in. Overall, all is good, but something is rotten in my home state. No routine due to lots of work travel, kids needing me more when i get home (well as soon as i present through the back door actually), more travel next week (hello Newcastle and Melbourne!) and feeling worn out.

I feel just so busy getting everything done in a day - market shopping dash before work, writing, editing, teaching, exercising, home, washing, kids, bedtime, dinner. blah blah blah. Divergent things which have no obvious fluid connection. Brain in one mode then another, then another. Not alot of leftover time to feed the parents. Im ready to crash when i walk through the door. Snap. How do you fix this...more me time? more us time? More family time? Both? All? Im in bed with a laptop with a sign on the door 'do not disturb' I discovered why it was so quiet when i went to steal the laptop from a sleeping B1. Si had stuck it on. But now im drowning in the guilt trip. How can i be so unavailable yet he's giving even me more?

Crap. Sometimes lifes tricky.


Jen said...

Hi Kel,
My take on this one is that there is no balance really, no magic formulae exist that I know of. If you find one, let me know!
For me, when I'm working either full or even part-time, there are only stages of crazy (but also strangely satisfying) business, and then time to repair.
Its great that Simon knows instinctively what you need, and he's prepared to give you down-time so he can have you back in the calmer moments of life! And it will get calmer, when the unmentionable is done. Yes?

Kel said...

Hey Jen. Thanks for that. Damn , no formula? poop. when i realised its mothers day tomorrow and by birthda on wednesday..i chilled. Hehe. easy week for me! then off to melb for a bath and shiatsu! Decided.

Em said...

I hear you Kel - it's that switching modes thing that I find so challenging - switch-switch-switch - it sucks my energy more than anything. The solution for me is the same old thing (enough sleep), but the pattern still seems to come in waves of angst and resolution. And I have to face again that my life isn't peaceful as I want/expect it to be.

Happy Mothers Day, hope you're spoilt and chilled today :)

Kel said...

hey Em. youre right. i have noticed more sleep/rest does help. had a weekend of lie ins and i feel like a whole new woman! but i too cant shake the boom bust cycle..can anyone? had a wonderful day. i hope you did too.

Julie said...

Hey hey, Newcastle? I assume it's a fly-in-fly-out thing though? In which case, bummer. If not - email me!