Friday, May 29

Haiku Friday

post me a comment.
two micro-loans up for grabs
just two get the gift.

i will draw the winners randomly on 1/6/09


Veggie Gnome said...

Aaaahhh... he is just the cutest! Give him a big cuddle from me. Please? :)

Ramsey said...

I think Baby Bean has just discovered a place to hide all that fungi that Mum keeps feeding him!

kale for sale said...

He is sooooo cute! How do you stand it? Have you done the Kiva lending? I've always wondered about it.

emmani said...

Hi kel... I've poured over the kiva site many a time and too be honest I've never been in a financial situation to make the decision. I know its only $25 but right now thats just not possible and I know I coudn't stop at one. I also looked for a project in India which they didnt have and an education loan which they also didnt do, so I left it for another time...

What a wonderful prize to win and what a wonderful woman for coming up with it... thanks Kel.

I'd love to be in your draw it would mean the world to me right now.

BTW the bean is a cutie x