Wednesday, May 6


No, its not the next installment of my seasonal recipe posts, Im calling out to all chive growers. Are chives really that temperamental to grow from seed? Im on about packet five and Ive had not even a peep. I can grow carrot, beetroot, well everything else Ive ever tried from seed, but not chives. Its driving me crazy. Im planting shallow, about 3-4 mm, covering with light loamy soil, watering and... naught.

H.E.L.P please. Are you having trouble with chives or is it really just me. Does every gardener have their achilles heel and this is mine?


Olive said...

If you want the easy way out, I have a spare clump of chives you are welcome to have. You only have to pull them apart and plant them in smaller clumps (5 or 6) and you will never be without chives again. They look so pretty too, with their purple flowers which can be used in salads

Veggie Gnome said...

I have never grown chives from seeds. I always divide existing clumps. And THEN they self-seed like crazy. At least my garlic chives do.

Olive's chives are great! I got two big clumps and they are doing well.

I have plenty of garlic chives. You can have a clump or two! Forget about growing them from seeds. Get a few clumps!

Achilles heel? I WANT a glut of carrots, but never have succeeded so far. I do get the odd bunch of carrots, but I really want a steady supply of carrots. I keep on trying, though.

Anonymous said...

I've never grown them from seed either. Every time I move house I either divide my Mum's chives or buy a punnet.

Julie said...

Can't help you mate, mine self seed everywhere. Perhaps even 3-4 mm is too deep - you could try just mixing them into the surface soil? I'd go with the clumps from Olive though ;-)

Took me five packets of carot seeds just to get them to germinate and 10 pkts later I've still only harvested about 5 kilos of them in total!

Barbara said...

I've given up growing chives from
seed and just buy punnets or
divide the clumps I have already
(which would have come from
punnets originally). Self seed
everywhere - HA! My achilles
heel is zuccini - everyone else
has a glut and I have yet to have
a successful crop!

Kel said...

hi olive- yes please!!! thank you for the offer..crabs, figs and now chives... if i team yours with veggies...

veggie - your garlic and olives plain..Ill be rolling in chives! now, just need to organise a pick up! thank you kindly too. Id swap you some carrots but weve used all our stash, just waiting for the
next 'crop'

kate - yup- Im now going with theft! sounds easier...

julie- didnt recognise you without the hat!! Im dreaming of the day where i have self seeding chives! but feeling better knowing i can do carrots!

Barbara- YOU TOO!!! Im getting a chive complex! zucchini are only just prolific at our place...