Thursday, January 22

Prime Ministers Award

For any of you who were wondering what happenned... well its obviously really, I would have blogged about it if I'd won!
The deserving winner of the 2008 PM Award was the CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia's national science agency. The winning project was the Flagships Program, which integrated and united all research on water, climate, energy, health, food security, minerals and manufacturing across the country. A pretty huge , nation building research strategy for building a sustainable future.
Im just very proud to have been nominated a finalist alongside such worthy competitors.


Jen said...

Hi Kel, Now that your blog is no longer an anonymous exercise for you, you're just gonna have to put up with your off-line friends saying FANBLOODYTASTIC effort Kel! How about a Chinese New Year Letter updating your other off-line friends??? (as the time for a Christmas letter is way past :)

Julie said...

Aw bummer Kel, but as Jen says what a fantastic entry!!

As an aside, did you notice that your blog comes up as having been "flagged as having objectionable content" at the top of the page??? What's *that* all about? Surely you didn't type the word "breasts" or something in one of your posts ;-)

Cheers, Julie

Kel said...

hey Jen...thatnks for the thumbs up..but i still cant be convinced to write The Xmas Letter even if it is disguised as a Chinese New Year one! I shall just have to remain relatively and modestly anonymous!

Julie - thanks too. As for the objectionable content..doesnt come up when i open the page...u using explorer? maybe your settings are set higher than mine? have you had it on any other blogs? My first thought was that my ex husband was doing something (paranoid??) and then i figured maybe words like sweet juices, and breasts are dobbing me in!