Monday, January 19

now I'm ready

It's taken awhile but now im finally ready to committ (is that one T or two?). Late Christmas... late New Year.

I dont do new years resoloutions as a rule; too prescribed, too temporary, too ill concieved in an i-love-yews-all moment. However, one thing i have learnt in life is that "if you dont know where you're going, you'll never get there" (this one kinda whacked me around the head a few years ago). Planning really is everything, especially when it comes to THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Oops, sorry, was i shouting?

The intray is going to haunt me i know...

1) cash in on the cheesemaking course i paid for last year which got held up due to my own milk production issues

2) upholster 'The Parkers' ( OK, realistically what it will probably mean is choose some fabric/recycled plastic/old car tyres (comfy!) and get someone else to do it)

3) make time for at least one 2 hour massage and not feel guilty about the expense

4) go for a run at least 3 days a week EVEN IN WINTER (kel, the treadmill at the work gym is a suitable substitute in wet weather, keep a set of running gear at work)

5) grow all our vegetables from seed

6) start a local knitting circle and invite somone who can actually knit

7) be more consequent about getting to bed before midnight

8) be a bit more at peace about catching the bus to work ( this is a killer for me - i hate standing up all the way to work coz the whole idea of catching the bus, besides economies of energy use, is that YOU GET TO READ!!!!! and i cant read when suspended and swinging by one arm)

9) When i dont know something, particularly at work, dont nod and pretend that i do and panic afterwards. Just ask!

10) oh, yeah, finish a little something starting with P.

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