Wednesday, January 14

Ive been gone a long time baby

so i'm back at work, 9 and a half months after saying goodbye with a very pregnant belly.

It seems a funny world to me this morning. Coming all this way to sit in an office and do work on a computer that i could have done at home. What is it that I'm supposed to be doing here? why am i doing this when my breasts are still full, my baby is still small and im not ready to be a worker again? oh yeah... money. bummer. Its still seems wrong somehow that i cant be with my baby and that my partner, who is capable and very loving, gets to be with him all day.

Also, someone has stolen my chair, my mug is missing and my pc has been upgraded and nothing on it looks familiar.
Welcome back.


Jen said...

I remember all those feeling so well Kel when I went back to work after Miss Moni was born. On the one hand its kinda nice to have a slice of independence, but when your breasts start hurting, no fun at all! I was given an airless, sunless, viewless room in which to breatfeed/express milk. This was such a hideous space! Theres always the loos. Glad you found your chair! Take Care x

goingferal(ish) said...

It is hard I know, I've BTDT three times and will have to do it again later this year *sigh*.

I hope at least that you enjoy the work you do and can have some flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you


Kel said...

jen- yes, i have good space for expressing - nearly 280* views of the adelaide hills and im not sure if its 'my' chair, but i reclaimed it anyway!

goingferal(ish)- Hi, welcome and 4,what a bundle! its difficult isnt it? and thankfully and gratefully, I have joy, independence and flexibility with my work and employer.

FT - thanks, i hope i didnt sound too much like violins were playing!

elburro said...

It's nice that you can leave him in good hands, anyway. I'm sure the next little while will be an adjustment, so be extra kind to yourself...