Tuesday, January 27

Biodynamics and birthing

Rixa has published a great post at her website Stand and Deliver on the relationship between body and soil. Its a great synthesis of the understanding of role of the rise in modern farming methods and agribusiness and the increased role of medical interventions in childbirth ( yes , you read it correctly).


Laura Jane said...

It was good wasn't it?

I didn't know she was a midwife as well. I have only been reading her for a few months.

naturewitch said...

Hi Kel

Scanned the post - too much for me to read in detail this time of night.

But I wanted to add another advantage of homebirthing - you can give the vitamin K injection and Hepatitis B vaccination a miss - it's harder in hospital to do so.

Early and inappropriate vaccination is causing an awful lot of health issues for our next generation. While supporting the rights of parents to vaccinate their children in an informed manner, all too often the day of the birth is not a good time to be faced with such a decision. And the child does not yet have an immune system developed to cope with the challenge or the gut flora present to deal with the vitamin K.

I won't go into this further here, but I think people should seriously consider the benefits of home birth.

And getting back to the original topic - the medical intervention in birthing, one of the most natural things in the world, is a symptom of our alienation (as a society) from mother Earth and all she has to offer us.

It is no mere coincidence that as our society goes more "plastic fantastic", that there is more medical intervention in what should be completely normal bodily processes. Just as it is no mere coincidence that at a time of environmental crisis we are also experiencing an economic crisis.

Great post. Just had to have a little rave . . . xx

Rixa said...

Laura Jane,
I'm not a midwife per se, but at the time I took my comps I was apprenticing with a midwife, hence my examiner's reference to that. I might go on one day and become one, depending on a whole lot of factors--such as, could I actually practice in a state that won't arrest me for doing so?

Kel said...

Laura jane - yup, certainly was and rixa answered for me!!
Rixa - thanks

NW - alienation. its a crucial concept. thanks for the rant!- always welcome!