Friday, January 23

Haiku Friday

sucking sweet juices
the boy smiles, reaching for more
our trees first fruit, gone


Laura Jane said...

Hi Kel

I'd be happy to interview you!

Please email me ( with your email address (I couldn't find it anywhere on your site) and I will send the Qs to you.

Thanks (you're the brave first!)


naturewitch said...

Hi Kel

Love that peach - looks rather sexy, actually ;) xx

Kel said...

man, the peaches tasted sexy! best peaches we ever had! all 24 of them! LOL

Sailingacal29 said...

great Haiku, I love it when so few words paint such a complete picture.
The Cute Guy

Kel said...

LOL! oh my , its 'the cute guy'. i will have to go back to kale for sale previous posts to get the full story...hmm, a Cal 29...a cruiser who haikus'. kale's onto something here...