Friday, January 9

blogging communities

Life has been pretty busy since the girls came home on Monday. So much for me to process there (basically, they had a crap time. the worst. murmurs of 'divorcing' their dad; need to proces more before i can post) and a busy week with youth theatre rehearsals, set constructions and painting, sleeping issues with the bean, the garden to recover, unpacking everones gear and a final christmas shop (we are having a family celebration on Monday). Somewhere in there i made the time to do a first; a blogger meet up! I was too much of an insecure bunny to catch up with kale for sale and im mad and i eat in California, so after feeling like a total loser for being so shy, i hoicked on my brave boots and strapped all the kids in the car and drove off into the rolling orchard covered hills for a boot swap of a blogging kind; a meet and produce swap with the Mad Gnome from Mad Gnome Strikes Again. Originally we had tentatively arranged a walnut for red currant swap but being on holiday, i missed the currant season so Mad Gnome decided to prune the basil instead. We wandered the garden, picked berries on the way, got chased by chooks, met the sheep and generally had a relaxing afternoon until it was time to head home for beany bedtime with the car full of lettuce leaf basil; some ofthe leaves were as big as my hand(a whole Chico bag full), it was baked basil gnocci for dinner. 3 dozen eggs, 1 kg or so of frozen red currants, 2 varigated sage plants, 2 basil plants and loquats. For my couple of kilos of walnuts and a bottle of home made verjus, Im thinking i got the better deal. Thanks Mad Gnome, we had a rollicking good time (chook drama included) and bringing home such fantastic produce was the icing on the cake. Community, wherever you find it and create it, is so important on many levels. Have any of you had a blogger meet up and how did it go?


Barbara said...

No - I'm shy too!

Em said...

Yes, and it was fun to meet someone I already kind of knew lots about :) But I wasn't too nervous b/c the private online parenting group I've been in since T was a baby used to do a National meet for a few years, so when it was the Qld turn I got to meet some gorgeous girls in RL. Some of those girls have made patterns on my heart and that's a good thing.

Sounds like you had a lovely time, and yes, I'm envious of you both :)

But I really want to know how you make verjus - yum!

Gavin said...

Hi Kel, good post. I have met Kate from Hills and Plains Seedsavers blog. Kate and her hubby Roger came to visit us. We had a great afternoon, and the good thing is that we all know so much about each other via the internet, the conversation just flows.

I have also met Phil from Camp Quality Country mile blog. He live just down the road and we a good mates now.

It would be great to go and meet other like minded bloggers, because at least you know you can hold a conversation with them because they have basically the same values as you do! It is not like you are talking to a total stranger.

If I was in the Adelaide area, I would not hesitate to drop in to visit you and your family, all organised in advance of course.


Kel said...

Barbara... comrade!

Em - its really fn isnt it. youd think i wouldnt be shy , having met my husband online...but somehow its different! verjus - maybe a post...

Gav - thats right, now im remembering you did. its a nice feeling isnt it? drop by anytime - we'll fire up the oven and crack the vino!

Melinda said...

I have!! Several times. The meetings went well enough that I brought a bunch of local bloggers together for a picnic! And at that picnic, I met two bloggers with whom I've become good friends. And I've started a business with another! So, success indeed. I highly recommend it.