Friday, January 2


bless his little cotton socks, the boy travelled the 14 hour flight home without a peep. We even got a few comments from fellow travellers about his impressive flying demeanour (slept 7 hours and laughed the rest). I even managed to watch a few movies 35,000 ft above sea level.

Home...HOME! God, the delight of walking in our front door was bliss and heaven and even the thought of returning to work next week, (eek, thats like so IMMINENT, so imminent that i haven't even thought about the logistics of it ...thats a bit of a clue into my general character..head..sand..) cannot daunt my joy of beng back in my own space. My own space that still has guests staying (just to keep the party going) old friends are back in town with their two girls (ours return on monday - Yippee).

So we swung back into town and swung straight into news years revelling and woke the next day, a tad worse for wear, but pretty chuffed that we'd managed to cross the pacific with a kid AND do new years in a manner that any 21 year old would have been proud of and then welcomed another 15 friends over at noon on new years day for the long overdue firing of the oven for a serious pizza party.

About 12 pizzas worked their way through the oven and i roasted a few trays of vegetables fresh from the garden. Here's the first pizza; roasted veggies with goat cheese. Yummo. It was perfect weather and a great way to welcome in the new year, although I haven't yet really computed that another year is already underway. My new years resoloutions/missives are about 3 days away yet!

I hope you all had a fun transition into the new year and are fresh for the possibilities of the year ahead.


Jodie said...

It is so nice to come home. I'm glad the little one traveled well. Zari always was an angel on our trans-Atlantic flights to France. I am envious of your warm, sunny weather while we're freezing here in the North!

Rixa said...

Ooops, that last comment was accidentally with my SIL's login!

wombat064 said...

Welcome Home !!!
Welcome to 2009,
Did the garden survive ?

That pizza looks divine..


Sarah said...

WOW that sounds like one awsome luck after another - if only we all had that and the pizzas look to die for! Ummmm maybe I can convince dh to make on now?

naturewitch said...

Hi Kel

Welcome home! Glad that your garden obviously survived. And what a mammoth undertaking - travelling with bub, straight back to guests and New Year celebrations. Well done!

Oh, and work on Monday . . . ugh! me too. xx

Kel said...

jodie/rixa- happy babies on planes make for very happy passengers and yes, it was nice to leave winter behind i must say.

hi phil- happy nude ear and place your order for your pizza to go.

sarah - yes it was all divine luck and a great couple of days but im afraid it has all caught up and im tired to the bone now!lol pizza was goooood, so i recommend you persuade him hard!

nature witch - happy nude ear too and yup - bit it off, chewed furiously and am now on the couch full time (well for a few hours at least) work shmerk- its still sinking in...
enjoy your first day back!

Karin said...

Ah home. I was wondering if that was happening soon! It's always so nice to be home. And back to the veggie patch!