Monday, July 27

the wooden bowl

Besides my all consuming bag passion, I have a new and present love. One i have been meaning to indulge for a while but never found what i was looking for, at a price i was willing to pay, nor with wood i was willing to purchase. Since experiencing the pleasures of eating from wooden plates and dishes at my sister in laws house in the epi-centre of hippieville in Marin county, i have harboured my own secret desire to emulate this luscious and rather medieval experience, in the comfort of my own home. Something about curling up with a wooden bowl filled with organic fare really appeals to the earthy, primitive me. I like to couple my wooden bowl experience with a wooden handled we dont eat slabs of meat we rarely use knives, so a fork and bowl does fine for curry, pasta and rice. I didnt buy much in Bali, but i did come home with 10 of these coconut wood bowls filling my suitcase. Beautiful, organic, sustainable, emminently ethicurean. Its the small things that make me happy.


Laura Jane said...

I bet they feel gorgeous in the hand. They certainly are most beautiful

I'm glad customs let them in

emmani said...

Ooooohhhhh I'm soooo jealous. I love wood too and coconut shelsl. I love to sit and sand a coconut shell just for pure pleasure. How big are they? How have they been made, from one piece? You should source these as a sustainable product for your site... I'd buy them!

Kel said...

laura jane- they are lovely- we all love using clinking! no worms holes= customs best friend!

emma- these are made from coconut wood not shells, so the trunk part. Lathed out from sections. and yes...had thought about that...was testing response! lol

Annuska said...

I love eating by texture and also holding by texture and feel- would love wooden bowls! nice buy!

kale for sale said...

These are beautiful!

Kelly said...

Kel: found you through "towards sustainability"...and I do have to say, I could become a collector of these bowls too! How Scrumptious!!! I could donate all my hard, cold glass and dine on something lovely!! Yes, please let us know where you got these!!

Blessed Be!
)0( Kelly (who's 5BR. farmhouse is for sale, see link! and trying to get rid of stress!! whew!!)

Kel said...

annuska- yes, they feel really really lovely and they are silent!

kale- yes yes yes

Kelly - welcomem thanks for dropping by and commenting. I did buy these in bali but i am looking at importing! keep you posted on the blog!