Monday, July 6

the things we do for blogs

My blogger pages have automatically been formatted into Indonesian. So you are now reading buat blog. This is the lazy bloggers post, which miraculously some of you are quite interested in.

Im not sure if there are vegetable gardens around here, there are markets and not many gardens seem to grow their own;actually i havent seen many gardens full stop. I think its urbanisation doing that. There are however a lot of mango, papaya and banana trees with fruit falling over the laneways. I will do a dedicated photo walk at some stage but with five kids in tow sometimes, i forget to take the camera.

Breakfast is just how we like it, fresh tropical fruit,sometimes with yoghurt and banana pancakes. Tomorrow i am hoping for rice porridge with garlic and chicken- i love that! Last night we had a an absolute feast. Prawns fried with a coriander and tumeric spiced rice flour batter , chicken pieces dry fried in a coconut chilli crumb, snake bean and roasted coconut and soy bean salad, mild tofu in lime leaf, galangal and lemongrass curry sauce with fried shallot and potato and tuna balls.
Talking to the manager of the villa yesterday she told us that the staff here liked us as we were very happy and friendly bunch and appreciated what everyone was doing for us; we seemed to enjoy the house and were very happy people! It shocks and surprises me that people could come to a place like this and be so spoilt with the food and the beauty of the place and not be happy! She said lots of people complain all the time about the food, the staff...HELL=O! People like that don't deserve to have good experiences and generosity in life. Anyway, its a good thing that the friends we are away with one half of blogs, so therefore forgive me for leaping in saying 'hang on, dont eat yet, let me take a pic'. Lunch today I'll post later. Heaven, Im in heaven...
Pics not good at night and im on a strange camera so im unsure of the settings. Will blog about my 'dancing fingers' male masseuse experience when i can! Trippy!


Em said...

living vicariously through you Kel and thoroughly enjoying all those food descriptions! Have a fab holiday :)

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

That food looks so good I want to reach in and grab it, instead I will have to content myself with attempting to replicate it. Warm weather, a massage, beautiful food, keep it coming.

Veggie Gnome said...

Aaaahhhhhh..... Beautiful! We are 'enjoying' another chilly morning and the tropical fruit is just what I needed. :)

Could you also have a few spoonful of sticky black rice and coconut for breakfast one day? ;)

Gavin said...

That food looks great, and I can smell it from here!

I can't for the life of me understand people who would be miserable in a place like you are staying at. The food alone would be heaven on a stick.


Kel said...

em- glad youre enjoying them- we've had so many amazing dishes i cant keep up!

pip- will keep posting- just have to find the time to download, upload and then find time ! agghh!

veggie- black rice for breakfast this morning just for you! will post soon! hmm, hills winter..pass!

gav- yeah, the mind boggles. My first thought..must be rich Americans!