Tuesday, July 21

a little help from my friends

Now we're home, Im back to banging on about the impending business venture. Im at a point where decisions about certain things need to be made and Im going to be shameless and ask all you readers out there for some help again. I need to understand how someone, other than me, would go about searching online for some produce bags to use at markets or to replace the plastic ones for fruit and veg you find in the supermarkets. If you were going to do a search online for some bags like this, what key search terms would you use?


Annuska said...

cotton bags for produce/ fruit/ veggies/ vegetable
thin cotton bags

Nico is no help and as you see I am not of much either! Need some sleep and will post more after!

Kerrie said...

All of the above plus cloth...

Hope you are slowly managing to get back into life after your delightful sojourn. Really enjoyed your posts and photos.

Rixa said...

cloth produce bags
reusable produce bags
alternative to plastic produce bags

Katrine said...

reusable fruit vegetable bags

Veggie Gnome said...

Organic reusable bags
reusable produce bags
organic produce bags

Hope you are slowly settling in and haven't lost the Bali feeling inside yet.

Let me know when you have bags available, I'd love to buy 2-3 off you. :)

Jacqui said...

I might type into Google something like 'green bags' or 'reusable shopping bags' or 'eco vegie bags' or 'cotton vegie bags'. Don't know how helpul that is for you but will come back if I think of something better.

Jen said...

My first thought was 'Eco bags'. And the word 'cloth'.
maybe 'green'

Kel said...

thank you thank you all for you very productive inputs! Have filed tham all away for the web designer!

Donna said...

Hey ya - I use onya weigh bags, they are fantastic! :)