Monday, July 20

a rude shock

We are home. Its going to take a while to adjust me thinks! Already i am missing the mad busyness, the beeping scooters that flock like insects, the teeming streets and crowded beaches. The smiles and bright 'hell-oo's'. The cleanliness, sterility and lack of colour and noise is dampening my spirits. As is the weather; grey, bleak, wintry cold. Shock has set in. I have forgotten how to plan for a meal, the thinking ahead.. planning has alluded me. We have no fruit or veg in the house and with no sleep behind us, certainly no inclination to think about lists. BoyBean... lunch? 'oops' yeah, right. OK. Shops. bread. cheese. milk. What else???
What im missing right now:
*statues wrapped in bright gilded fabric
*petrol stalls shelved with Absoloute vodka 'refills'
*the smell of frangipani incense everywhere
*scooters packed five high with family
*german army style fake Louis Vuitton bike helmets
*having to really 'look' where Im going else fall in a drain
*beep beep beeping
*feeling sticky with warmth and humidity
*the possibility of rice for breakfast
*a 6:1 ratio of boybean care to responsible adults
*outward chaos but communal slow
Not being responsible for maintaining life for a few weeks has taken its toll and will certainly take a few days to get back in the swing of looking after ourselves; a strange and novel experience. I look forward to getting back on my 'normal' feet again and getting the garden into some kind of order. The caterpillars have had a veritable field day in our absense, resulting in no beans left and some kale damage and the cat managed to rip its third eyelid (i had no idea they even had a third eyelid until the emerency trip to the vet in our jetlagged state) and is doing an overnighter in prep for surgery in the morning. Waking refreshed and normal is, right now, my kind of beautiful.


kale for sale said...

Don't return to normal too fast! Let the inbetween linger. It's its own kind of adventure with pancakes for dinner and oddly timed meals. Normal will find the way in the door fast enough. I've loved the pictures.

Kel said...

kale- yeah, trying to just ease our way in. the great piles of unpacking is still sitting on the floor. in bed with laptop now just easing my way back! lol glad you enjoyed the pics, Bali is lovely!

Jen said...

Hi Kel. I completely understand your post. I went through these feeling about a week ago upon our return. I still have one bag to unpack...wise words from Kale for sale...
Somehow I have still managed to keep a slowness to the day, and am able to laugh at myself when I notice my mind wanting to rev things up and expect more out of every hour. Heres to the holiday mood: may it last all year!