Thursday, July 9

breakfast, lunch and dinner

Life here in Seminyak does comprise a little more than food, not alot more, but the owner was not exaggerating when he said that the cook at the villa was incredible and created delights that were ten fold on the local restaurants. We are becoming so overwhelmed with quality that complacency is setting in (well not exactly but im sure you get the idea) its all good. So good we haven't eaten out yet. Breakfast: black sticky rice porridge cooked in coconut milk served with a side of shredded coconut. Lunch a fresh delight of Soto; a laksa style soup with shredded chicken served with 2 styles of noodle and lightly steamed greens, coriander and fried garlic and rice on the side. We have enjoyed fried tempeh ( i hate tempeh normally) with lemongrass and lime leaf and chilli that tastes like peanut brittle Asian savoury style, sweet sour tofu, steamed banana leaf wrapped fish cooked with lemongrass, lime leaf and ginger flower, it goes on and on and on.


Veggie Gnome said...

Oh yum, yum, double yum!!!

Thanks for the piccies and the description, and in particular the black sticky rice.

Why eat out, if you have such a great cook available?!

Any artwork around the area that is worth showing to us? Statues, woodwork, stonework, paintings, etc.....

Kerrie said...

Am very are going to have to share the name of this holiday house with sounds like my dream cooking...!!!

Barbara said...

Your rental sounds like aplace
we used to stay at in Samui -
the food was so wonderful we
would base our days around
meals! This is the fist time
in about a week I've been
able to get your blog - there's
something wrong with our
computer or our server - but
the pictures look wonderfully
holiday-like. By the way. it's
freezing cold and pissing down
with rain here!

kale for sale said...

My mouth is watering!