Tuesday, July 7

blogging not allowed

brought the laptop down to write a post and was duly informed that I had a 100 word limit and to get off the laptop. Not sure how many words this is but Im being booted, so the curious dancing fingers massage will have to wait another day. They are tickling me, laughing, trying to put me off, pushing escape, threatening to throw mangosteens..byee


Jo said...

kel, i agree with them ... enjoy your holiday! a blog break won't kill you, but that said i would look forward to your posting about your holiday when you get back. also was wondering if you could put your email link in your sidebar (or can you email me your email address? i have a couple of things i wanted to ask you that don't need to go in your comments... nothing weird just re: the tummy tub) cheers jo x

Kel said...

hehe. Dont worry i am enjoying my holiday! just addicted to writing thats all. will email you. my email addy linked to the blog is my work addy so dont put it up.