Monday, February 16

there's a diva in the house

B2 loves all things theatrical and dance is no exception. She often spontaneously bursts into finger snapping, hip thrusting cha cha cha moments when you least expect it- like in the middle of a converstion. She is also rather fond of dramatic monologues with the bathroom mirror. Probably with a little cha cha thrown in, but i dont stick around too long for that. Theres only so much lovin i can take. She loves to watch 'So you think you can dance?', a TV dance competition and last night she had something to say, something very important to convey about the host, who is not only beautiful to look at in the very classsical sense, but a talented singer in a very successful a rock band. B2 said to me "you know whats different about her mum?, thats so different from all the other women who do these jobs on TV?" I preempted her answer, and thought to myself, great, shes switched on, making an observation about multitalented women. "You mean she's succesful in another area of life? and not just the pretty face?" i offerred.

B2 " No, shes got good knees"


Kerrie said...

What an astute observation from B2...!!!

Thanks for the smile, my day has started well.

Veggie Gnome said...

Good knees!!! *LOL*

That will make me chuckle throughout the day, I'm sure.

Julie said...

What the? LOL.

Kel said...

geez, not my kid! where did i go wrong?!

kale for sale said...

You know she's going to grow up to be a famous physical therapist or knee surgeon or dancer or something that just isn't apparent yet. And it sounds like with a lot of good laughs between now and then.

Karin said...

I can relate to that. As a former modern dancer. :-)

Good knees are pretty special!!!