Wednesday, February 25

organised chaos

thats my life. but not so organised that ive written a post. I usually try and write a post at night, with a glass of wine after the chaos of the day and general after school hubub and dinner and bedtime routine has subsided and ive got a quiet hour or two. I schedule it to publish the following morning; thats my general bloggy plan of attack. If i havent written a post the night before, then on days when im home its no problem as i use the beans morning sleep time to write, and usually ive used the evening before and my lying in bed time to think about whats on my mind and what i might like to post about. This morning, ive got no post and no time; Im at work. I need to run in my lunch hour so cant use that time to construct something and ive got some interesting stuuff from the last few days to post about, but they need some fine tuning time. So this is it! my post of the day. Squeezed in between turning my pc on and dashing downstairs with my cup to get a coffee. Ive still got my bag slung over my shoulder,i havent taken it off from the walk to work. So have a great day and hopefully tomorrows post will be more insightful!


Stewart said...

Funny as i was reading your post i kept reading it faster and faster. Pretty much the way i imagine you wrote it.
Have a nice day.

Barbara said...

Insightful enough! And, further
to your post of 2 days ago, check
I Can Has Cheezeburger today!

Rest is not idleness said...

I always thought that you got up early and wrote your post then. When I ran I used to do quite a lot of thinking, (it was my "me time") but I suppose you are running in the city and that requires a bit more concentration on your part. I sometimes think about what I might post about when I walk in the mornings but usually once I've had my shower and breakfast it has all vanished somewhere in the confusion of my mind. However, now I feel better about my post today.
take care

Kel said...

hehe. that made me laugh. spot on stu! wasnt till i read your comment that i realised thats exactly how i did it.

barbara - i should do non-posts more often! checked out the webiste- some funny stuff in there and the cat on the shoji...well, im thnking the boys damage is minimal!

RINI-your post made me chukle too- visions of me darting around cars and dodging pedestrians! i run in the parklands and victoria park as my office sits to the east off rundle. its nice to think and run but at the moment all mybrain waves are being used up on the thesis so when i run - i run for some mental peace! oh, and ditto on the brain emptying phenomenon..and im glad you felt better about your post ( assuming you meant mine was about nothing very much and yours was only just a little better lol) Seinfeld made zillions from nothing!