Thursday, February 19

a long lunch

We used to belong to our local SLOW food convivium. It was full of locals with a passion for growing food, eating food, talking about food and making wine. Definitely in principle my kind of group. So why did we stop participating? I think life got busy and as it was a group that simon and his late wife belonged to before i came on the scene, possibly without my 100% enthusiasm it got too hard, Ive never really asked him his thoughts on why it fizzled out. Many in the group were retired and I felt that i just didnt have that much in common with everyone to make it an easy get together; particularly with the 'other' woman and the 'younger' woman mantle that i felt i was carrying. Those early days were hard. Forging ahead with a open face and measured words, head first into everyone elses expectations of just who this woman replacing their dceased friend could be. I spent months of our early relationship searching online for some support. No peers of mine had ever been divorced let alone started a relationship with a widow. So i think all the stress of being in the 'old group fishbowl' coupled with my own new divorce, two young kids and a career just kickstarting, plus being newly in love, we didnt have time for a full day of slow food !

One thing i did however take away from these gatherings was the concept of the Long Lunch. Its a great idea and one i think thats a fantastic focus for a meal with friends. The idea is to get everyone to bring a food contribution to share. The rules are that whatever you bring, the ingredients used must be local, seasonal and made in its entireity by each guest. You can distribute the responsibilities; some bring drinks, some do bread, some bring savoury, some do sweet, some do appetisers/canapes/whatever word you want to use for those really nice nibbles that you just want to stand next to for a little while longer than is socially acceptable (or is that just me? - (memories of the lemon and olive oil draped homemade warm haloumi wafting past). Its a neat way to bring the ideas of SLOW sustainable eating to the fore and possibly to share these concepts, in hopefully a really inclusive way or at leats a tasty way, with others who may not be so interested in the principles of sustainable living. Just dont stress out the guests too much.

So, I bet you can guess the bloggy lunch basics...


Veggie Gnome said...

"those really nice nibbles that you just want to stand next to for a little while longer than is socially acceptable (or is that just me?"

*LOL* It is not just you and in my book it IS socially acceptable. I stand there and enjoy it unashamedly but also encourage others to eat that particular nibbly bit to make sure they all know how lovely it is and why I am enjoying it so much. So, now I have outed myself as a greedy guts. Oh well. ;)

Ps.: We did have such a lunch on Sunday and I LOVE to sample everyone's offering.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I have a friend who hosts slow food aka long lunch events!

Award for you on my blog!

Barbara said...

I had the same problem when I
got married. My husband hadn't
been married before so I didn't
have to deal with that but,
because he's 10 years older than
me, his friends were all older.
They were at a different stage
in life i.e. kids and careers
while I was this little hippie
backpacker chick who'd spent
most of her twenties travelling
and doind whatever she wanted!
I just didn't have much in
common with them and it made
socializing difficult. Now,
20 years later, our circle of
friends has pretty much changed
and they're mainly people we
both have common interests with
but it took a long time.

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Kel
I'm another greedy guts also, and I also love to find out how something was made and work out what ingredients are in the delectable food that I'm eating. Long Lunches are a great idea, and it helps spread the load when everyone contributes.
I wasn't in quite the same boat as you but similar in that my husband had friends from his previous marriage, I had no friends, it does make it hard to find a niche for yourself.
I too, shop at the market early, I usually get to Goodies and Grains just after they open, and then go over to Wilsons a little later on. I'll keep an eye out for you (me, darkish hair with silver bits in it, and wear glasses, I have a blue trolley) maybe we'll run into each other.

Barbara said...

We'll all be keeping an eye out
for each other, says I! (dark
hair with a lot of grey, freaky
orange glasses, lots of Chinese

Kel said...

veggie- you're so far ahead of me! i need to learn unashamedly and join you out there and where is your sunday lunch post!

NFFT- thank you, for everything. Having friends who host slow lunches are friends to keep!

Barbara- i learn a little bit more about you each time- you ned a blog woman! Yup- time, i think ive got it, but damn it can be hard in the first few years cant it?

RINI-im lovin' the greedy guts outing! whoohoo- i mut say, i do love to lunch with like minds.Yes, the whole merging with the old crowd is stressful! im lucky that they are a fantastic bunch. Right, i'll tackle the first woman i see in these 2 haunts who is trundling with blue trolley.

Barbara- well, either we're going to spot you oh so easily first (im lovin your look already) or you're going to see two women with trolleys wrestling!

Veggie Gnome said...

Kel, the Sunday lunch post did not happen due to me unashamedly sampling every single dish - several times. :)

The thought of taking a picture crossed my mind for a millisecond, but then I was distracted by the zucchini salad. :)

Katrine said...

sorry i'm so slow.... a long bloggy lunch sounds like a delicious idea :)

Kel said...

veggie - i Do understand, really i do, i have many posts that go by the bye coz its been

katrine - gald youre up for it! keep ya posted.stay tuned