Sunday, February 8

Raw Cashew Butter

I returned from California with a new love. Organic raw cashew butter. But, I cant find raw style butter here, every brand i have seen always uses toasted nuts but in my opinion the raw cashew butter tastes much smoother and silkier. Since then I have been buying various nut butters from our local organic store at quite a hefty price and Im realising it doesnt bloody last long. We use it every day; stirred into the boybeans rice porridge, on toast or bread and in smoothies. Its luxe. So after buying just one too many jars of the stuff (the cashew, brazil and almond mixed butter is grreat too), I was inspired to make some.

I got as far as the cashew bin with bag in hand before i realised i had a serious problem. How to transform it from a nut to something paste like? We have a food processor, but lets just say, a Cuisinart its not. I bought it for 20 bucks and it chops the bottom 1 cm of the load. Thats it. Lots of poking with a wooden spoon required. Useful. Not. Bugger. For a foodie it was a serious error made on the run, I wasnt in the mood for spending money and fooled myself into thinking it would do the job. Damn. Now Im stuck with a half arsed machine that i cant bear to replace.

So i left the idea (too hard basket) until i read Naturewitches' post about her new machine. I was inspired all over again and just kind of casually said to Simon, "Hey, do we have anything we can make nut butter with? I want to make some cashew butter but the blender's just going to burn its motor if i use that?" Hmm, maybe i should burn out the motor.

"Sure, we have a manual stone mill for flour and nuts in the pantry"

"We do?"

We do.


Cohabiting with someone who lived through Glastonbury and Woodstock has its advantages!

So i got it out, worked it out, and set to work outside in the cool of the morning turning the handle until all the nuts resembled a fine greasy meal.

I decided against adding more oil to combine it into a wetter, sloppier consistency, I just pressed the meal into the jar as it wasnt grainy at all. The texture is firm but silky smooth and spreadable.

So in half an hour yesterday morning, a kilo of raw organic cashews got turned (literally) into this. It tastes divine, so fresh.

Too Easy.


Rixa said...

Looks delicious! I too have a really cheap blender I got for a wedding present...can't really do much besides puree soups.

wombat064 said...

and well done for not racing out for the new highpower blender, but turning an old grinder into an exersise session with such a delicious reward.

Veggie Gnome said...

Blimey indeed! I have been lusting after a manual stone mill for grains, etc. for ages!! You lucky, lucky thing!

Dare I mention NUTELLA!? You could make your own organic, healthy hazelnut spread!

There is a recipe here:

Just as an idea. :) I would play with the ingredients a bit to tweak the recipe to my liking.

Rest is not idleness said...

I can remember my Dad making peanut butter using a manual mincer when I was a kid, sometimes we were allowed to turn the handle. The nut butter looks excellent, who would have thought that the meal would turn into that lovely looking paste.

Laura Jane said...

How incredible, and how satisfyingly handmade! And dare I say stylish?

Good old Simon and his committed organic ways. The benefits indeed. Low impact to boot. Too, too perfect.

Who needs a new blender?

Anonymous said...

I discovered on our last house move that we have a pasta machine. Seriously. How the hell had I never seen it in three years of cohabitation in a tiny house?

naturewitch said...

Hey Kel

Well done! If I hadn't needed to get the juicer, I wouldn't have been making nut butter. But I also do have a hand grain mill; just didn't think of the bleeding obvious! xx

Kel said...

rixa- yup, soup's about as good as it gets!

phil - being a tightwad coms easy to me but i did try a cusianart in the states, it was impressive... but i do love the old gear.

veggie - sorry to tease..LOL and that recipe looks great. what a great idea! the kids will love me! Atisana do a cocao bliss which i might adapt with your recipe.

RNI - i love htose memories too. I remember making mince with my mum, i loved turning the handle too. Simple things. I hope my kids have some of these memories too, but who knows which ones theyll be!

Laura jane - hehe, sure, I'll take stylish! New blender definitely NOT needed. Im so inspired. Im onto home ground coffee now!

Innercitygarden- so glad to hear its not just me. you can squeeze felt with a pasta machine too!

naturewithc-sometimes you just need to be in my case!

Anonymous said...

Must try this!