Wednesday, February 18

ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!

drum roll please...

[insert suspense]

B2 draws a name!

CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to creating something special, made with all the things you love. It was wonderful serendipidity that you included more than 2 of your favourite things. It gives me so much more to work with.

Melinda, Katrine and Aztec-rose and Alex, nice to meet you! And thank you innercitygarden, rixa, karin, restisnotidleness, barbara, julie, veggie gnome, elburro, greening of gavin, kale for sale, jen, annuska and notes from the frugal trenches for playing. I will definitely be doing more of this sometime soon; I cant bear the thought of Veggie and elburro not winning anything again. It's also inspired me to have a bloggy lunch for all those who are interested??? stay tuned, and if and when Im passing by your neck of the woods, i will definitely drop by anyway and cook you lunch!

Laura jane, i will be in touch to get your postal details!


Veggie Gnome said...

Congratulations, Laura Jane!

We are all winners really, as it is rather lovely to get together in such a novel way.

Kel, if you do decide to think about a bloggy get-together, if you need any help or assistance in any way, count me in. :)

Julie said...

Yay for Laura Jane! And boo-hoo for me :-(

Kel, can you email either myself (towards-sustainability AT or Naturewitch in regards to a post-bushfires gardening help project NW is helping set up. I know I had it, but I can't find your email addy anywhere!

Cheers, Julie

Laura Jane said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!!

I'm absolutely thrilled! I've never won a bloggy comp before - and your fellow commenters are all so kind to congratulate me as well.

Yay! Looking forward to a piece of personal artwork - you Bewdy!

An email is on its way to you with my snail mail addy.

Thankyou so Much Kelly

(ooh, my wv is fluck - f* luck indeed!)

Kel said...

veggie - so nice! will definitely keep you posted re. bloggy lunch and thanks for your offer!

sorry julie- next time, but hey, when im in newcastle...

yay laura jane! someones gotta win! f*luck for you!