Wednesday, February 4

2009 True Food Guide

We have very limited labelling laws in this country for identifying those foods containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients, making it difficult for us to avoid GE foods if we wish to do so. Products which dont use GE help out a little by oftentimes labelling as 'GE Free' but these tend to be specialist product. That's where the True Food Guides comes in handy, to help you shop for everyday food items which are GE free.
From baby food to beverages, pastra to poultry, the guide rates brands and products as Green (GE-free) or Red (may contain GE). The guide is available online and in a convenient pocket-sized form to keep in your wallet.

The guide gives a simple method for identifying and selecting foods using as stop/go green and red identifying system. Easy!
You can also check out the True Food Network. The True Food Network is a is "a growing community of everyday Australians, chefs, food experts, farmers and community groups uniting to protect our food from genetic engineering (GE)"

Joining the true food network provides you with updates on companies, products and brands going GE-free, info on events and opportunities for taking action in your local area and the chance to share ideas on how to build a GE-free future.

So, click the link and order your pocket size 2009 True Food Guide or download either the full size or pocket size pdf to print off yourself and join the network!.

GE. Its more that just canola!


Rest is not idleness said...

Ah, I can see after printing off the guide that I will have to revise my shopping list a little bit, no matter, there are always substitutes, and if all else fails, I will just do without.
take care
by the way the word verification for this was phaliss (spelt wrong I know, but it made me smirk)

Kel said...

hehe. its a still moment with those word veri's sometimes. So pleased you found it useful.

Jen said...

I donwloaded the full pdf, and wow, thats a pretty extensive list. Thanks. Ive ordered a pocked guide. Its interesting that Coles generic brands are listed as OK, but the similar Woolworths brands are not.

Hey Kel, have you done any research on the possible dangers of GE foods? I do wonder if some of the concerns are a bit alarmist, as I was thinking that we do eat fruits from trees which are cultivars....hmmm maybe instead of asking you to do the research, i should do it myself! But if you know of any views on this that gives some compelling arguments that would be great!

Kel said...

Jen - take a look at the link in the post titled genetically engineered. its a site dedicated to GE and has some of the stats. Lots of allergy stuff, the guy that wrote seeds of deception used to be a scientist with monsanto.

Kel said...

I have included a link in the last sentence ,to common questions and answers about GE

Kerrie said...

Thanks for that Kel, it's eye opening reading...will peruse in in greater detail tomorrow.

My word veri is labvaglor...hmmm

Jen said...

Thanks Kel! I should have noticed the links. Doh!

Veggie Gnome said...

I KNEW vegemite was bad for you!

*runs away quickly*