Thursday, June 5

time flys...

Jesus, what happenned to that month of May?!
Regular blog entries seem to get postponed until "the next sleep" (for Jasper that is... well maybe me too) and then I get caught up with something else or I'm catching up on other peoples blogs. Hopeless. This experiment is showing its results;I'm too lazy to blog!

The last month ( Jaspers first) has whizzed by in a blur of washing nappies, sleepsuits , burpies and whipping out one boob or the other, sitting on the couch as a consequence of whipping out said boob, the odd dash to pick up B1 or B2 from school or friends' place in between aforementioned boob scenario and settling Jas for yet more sleep. He's a divine baby and I'm loving him in our lives but it is difficult to get used to being so 'demanded' again. Im re-adjusting. Here's a picture of B2 (aka Lily) and her little brother.

Have set up my study as a cosy retreat for us both- my pc and heating sorted and his day-nest, as winter is here and the mist is rolling into our valley and I am hoping that having a defined and comfortable space for me again will help. awake and crying. Blog will have to wait.. i have yet to master the art of feeding and typing; i think my boobs are too big and i need my 'free' hand to make clearance for his nose and help him latch. My lifelong desire for smaller perky numbers becomes more than a desire to wear a t-shirt and no bra.

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