Saturday, June 28

fiddling for a favicon

I finally did it. It took a few hours of my time... all that time for a very small piece of graphics inserted in the url window of this blog. Was it worth it? YES! I like learning and particularly like an IT challenge. I think that's partly why i liked the idea of creating a blog; to learn about the technical process and possibilities in addition to the process of exploring the self and learning to let go ( stream of consciousness stuff) in the process of daily writing and learning more about my mind and emotions and 'where i'm at' emotionally each day ( NERD! attack).
Haalo at cook (almost)anything at least once sparked my interest. Her lovely little pear favicon took my fancy and i thought 'i needs me one of those' and determined mah-self to have one. So i Googled it. I didn't know what that little picture was technically called so i used the search terms "http & graphics & Blogger" and Viola! pages of instructions on creating a 'favicon' (favourite icon). So i generated an image- the bull as symbol for Taurus (my starsign, my husbands starsign and baby beans starsign and a house jam packed full of stubborness!)and uploaded it. Try one, go on, I know you want one.

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