Thursday, June 5

Calling Chocaholahics' Anonymous

Here it is. My Addiction. Green & Blacks Fair Trade chocolate. It has overtaken wine as my No.1 favourite way to indulge and I am doing alot of it since I started breastfeeding. Its so bad that only having 3 in stock in the pantry gets my heart racing and panic feelings and anxiety begin to emerge. Something happenned during labour to activate my sweet tooth and it has been dormant for 10 years. All those pre pregnancy clothes that fit the day after birthing may not be around for too long if I keep this up. I may have to wean...soon...tomorrow
Addendum: maybe not tomorrow. My husband just came home and declared he had bought 2 more blocks so now my stash is back to 3 and a half blocks; 2 and a half milk chocolate and 1 Maya Gold. YUM

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