Monday, June 30

getting a bit 'Nanna'

They're done. Vege patches are finally complete. My lovely husband announced last night "they're ready for you my darling". Hows that for a stupendous choice of husband? He does all the grunt and prep work and leaves me the fun stuff! Whoohoo- bring on planting season * note to self- check calender for planting days.Finally some growing space where investment will mean reward. On a competly labour free note, our lemon tree is literally sagging with lemons; its been a very good year, so yetserday ( i'm liking yetserday) I made some lemon curd ( back to labouring) which didnt use up nearly enough lemons-6 measly lemons for a cup of lemon curd! i need a recipe that calls for 30+ lemons and zest! Thats prolly going to be something like cordial. being an oral epidemiologist, im a nazi about sugar consumption around here and cordial would be a green light for the kids not to drink water so im really loathe to make some, but i could ration it.... poor kids...they would really love a mum who just said 'yes'.

Eg: Nazi parent..Picture this.. a few weeks ago B2 and i were shopping (at nasty big name supermarket previously mentioned in another post) and B2 and we hear a little girl saying to her mum "oooh look, cherries, can we get some?" (I hear my internal nazi immediately squawk "Cherries! mid winter! whaaaaat?) Her mother replies " sure lets get some". Soooooo, B2 turns to me and says "i love cherries, can we get some cherries please mum?" I knew this question was coming .. quietly , on the inside I gag, choke, my heart sinks as I hear myself reply " No Lil, those cherries are all the way from America blah blah blah and something about eating seasonally blah blah blah and something about her sustainability project she was doing at school and this was a great example blah blah blah..." Sometimes I want to be a mum that just says 'yes' a bit more.
So, maybe some home made lemon cordial is a great idea!

Whats with the nanna title ? lemon curd reminds me of my grandma and yesterday i made the weekly batch of yoghurt in the very nanna-ish Kambrook pink topped plastic yoghurt maker all screamed NANNA! but Im loving nanna.


Crazy Mumma said...

Hi MsMoo,

I have exactly the same cherry problems with my girls, only it's strawberries with them *Sigh*. My 6 year old understands my explanations, but Miss 4 and Miss 2 just think I'm a Mean Mummy for not buying them their favourite fruit :-( Still, our strawberry plants -against all odds andthe biting winds - have flowers on them at the moment, so it shouldn't be long before we have our own supply again, phew.

Love your blog :-)

Cheers, Julie

MsMoo said...

Hi Julie, children suffering from Mean Mummy syndrome bought on by eco-living will be the next big thing in therapy!
Thanks for the thumbs up, will keep me posting for anothe week :-)