Sunday, June 29

Farmers Market

Just back from the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. Its our fifth weekend shopping there for the family fruit n veg. One of my last big guilt trips was buying our gear from the local big chain supermarket just because its close and convienient (and dont they know it) and the local organic market stocks mostly added value product,and the prices for organic fruit and veg is just exhorbitant. I had pledged to myself that after the boybean was born we would make it a family ritual to go every Sunday. So far, Im doin' well getting the kids packed up and heading out the door. I usually take the babybean and one interested 'other B' and leave Si at home to do some digging, chopping or other gardening related task or theatre committments. Prices are not that much cheaper and the organic veg produce is limited but the organic breads are great and the biodynamic dairy provides product not found in the retail shops. I think the organisers need to work on generating a wider selection of primary products, but maybe we just dont have the population levels to support it *...fantasising about the farmers markets in Victoria, France, Italy, California....* Cakes and pastries are another story- plenty of them around and i have managed to avoid buying anything yum to eat on my rounds, not for want of interest but limited hand capacity to munch and carry at the same time. Baby bean cried the whole time this morning so it wasnt the Sunday shopping amble i had been hoping for but B2 said happily she had had a great morning ( maybe it had something to do with the uber fabulous choclate and vanilla frosted cupcake for breakfast) so i must have hidden my stress levels well!
But Im happy, besides all the staples i picked up my favourite; Willabrand Fig and Fennel Chutney and the kids came home with a new lemon myrtle Paris Creek Biodynamic yoghurt. Years ago as an undergrad student i used to shop at the Goodwood food co-op; a fantastic source of bulk foods and organic fruit and veg and am thinking I may have to renew my membership. My only issue is the travel down to town and chewing up the petrol; false economies etc. If i was entrepreneurially (sp?!) minded, id start up an Adelaide Hills food cop-op and farmers market!!!!!!!!!
This post has turned into an advert for food stuff. Sorry, but hey, push that local product, no?

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