Friday, June 6


despite the rain and cold weather, my hardworking and creative husband continues to make progress on the studio and the last minute decision to create another vegetable garden on our property to make best use of the sunniest spot on the block. The very specky quad-fold cafe doors and windows in western red cedar have arrived and wait for friends to be called to assist in hanging the darn things and the glazier needs a call as well. Progress is not quite as quick as Id like, but i figure that I'm not doing it so hey, who am I to complain! Best I have managed in a month is to be showered, dressed and out the door to appointment at 9am!
i am looking forward to planting out the new patch, but first we will grow a quick 'green manure' crop of some sort, probably pea of some sort, as nothing will grow now except a crop of this sort and it helps fix the nitrogen in the soil. < As you can see in the pics, these will be no ordinary rectangular garden beds; my husband loves a curve, loves to create and loves to build dry stone walls, our garden is full of them, so these will no doubt be very beautiful vege patches by the time he is done.

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