Thursday, April 3


its been a few days since I posted...

Monday our lovely midwife Lisa came for our last 2 weekly is doing fine, still head down and heartbeat strong. Im getting pretty excited about birthing this baby now and my mood has been slowly improving. I have been soo crabby lately, i think it has been adjusting from being full on at work, with trying to finish my dissertation to suddenly being on maternity leave with a partner who keeps telling me to rest, put my feet up, read, spoil yourself. Im finding IT VERY DIFFICULT to do very little except focus and enjoy myself after 13 years of mothering, studying , working and single parenting. I feel GUILTY at doing very little at all and not having to worry just yet about submitting my PhD. I think i need to work on some of these guilt issues!

Now that the weather has turned and the fires are on each night I have been fantasising about bringing the birth pool downstairs to the lounge room and floating in oceans of warm deep water... but after such a hot spell and major drought I just cannot justify all those litres...oh but the thought...bring on labour

Its B2s 10th birthday party tomorrow night and i am taking a bunch of 5 to the movies and then out for pizza and then a sleepover at our house. Im hoping to survive the night.

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