Tuesday, April 29

the dreaded EDD

todays it...the 'DUE DATE' or as someone said to me the other week, my 'estimated date of confinement'. I couldnt believe that that term was still being used! So i gathered all my good manners, didnt laugh or let my jaw hang open, re-interpreted and politely responded that the baby was expected in late April sometime or early May.

Its now been weeks since I posted! LOL
Have been uploading onto my Flickr account, so I figure half my task has been done and the family are getting something from Down Under at least!
I have been getting painful BH contactions and period type pain for over a week now and am desperately hoping for some action sometime soon...really in need of a long hot soak in some water now.The girls are getting impatient and keep asking about labour symptoms and checking if they really have to go to school each day. They can't wait for their baby to be here. B1 and B2 were both 2 weeks 'overdue' so I am desperately hoping that a different father may make all the difference to the timetable!

Its been 10 years since I had my last baby so it really feels like Im having a first baby all over again. My 5ft 2" body was 28 then and I was so confident in its' ability to birth. B2 was born in 40 minutes at home in a birth pool, 10lbs and only a small tear needing a few stitches. B1 was born when I was a mere babe (24 seems soooo young now) at home in 6 hours, posterior and 9.5 lbs. Why am i doubting my bodies ability to do it successfully all again? AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my midwife Lisa *waving* came by for a pre natal check yesterday. Chatted for 2hours and listened to babys heartbeat- gotta LOVE a homebirth prenatal in ya pyjamas n socks. My mum keeps asking "what did the midwife say?" ...I say "well, everythings fine not much to tell really". Im always sooo shocked when reviewing the US baby/prenatal blogs or chat rooms just how much over-servicing goes on prenatally- its staggerring. No wonder the US health budget is so huge with pre natal check ups involving bloods, ultrasounds etc as almost routine procedure. Women on these sites know the levels of alphas, betas, deltas, thetas on a weekly updated basis. Staggering. There is a need for quantifying those things that really dont need to be, its an illusion of control.

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