Wednesday, April 30

girl overboard

well...I'm officially going nuts. Im half a day 'overdue'. Im bored bored bored. Can't walk too far- my sciatic nerve and very mobile pelvis dont do much for each other. I cant stand for too long- pelvic compression and arched back, dont want to start anything major, to grumpy to start anything minor... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! Im driving myself crazy. Babybean is now fully engaged - Lisa tickled his little shoulders yesterday in her station search-and I noticably dropped 3 weeks ago- pains and fluids to match...we all thought I'd go uncharacteristically early this time...but nooooo. Still here and I still havent had that bath Ive been wanting. Ive been monitoring the kids showers too just in case we run out of hot water for the birth pool. Sigh. Im driving EVERYONE nuts. Think I need to get out more. LOL Even picking up the thesis is looking like a good idea at this stage! Can't even muster up any enthusiasm for curry, red wine and some sex. Girl, you have hit a low. Its all this free time to relax; been there, done that. I need some action.

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