Tuesday, April 29

Studio in progress

As promised in an earlier post...here is the studio without roof or insulation, both which are now on, making it a somewhat waterproof space. We are just waiting on the cafe doors and windows and then it will be at 'lockup'. Just in time for rains and the baby! Looking forward to the internal fitout and some lovely sunny winter moments which is what it was designed for, well alongside the primary function of acting as a 'stand' for a full roof bank of PV solar cells to make our home completely self sufficient in electrical energy. Whoohoo!! At the moment we are paying an arm and a leg for our wind generated electricity which we purchase from Origin. When the cells are connected to the grid we will have the option to sell back to the grid any excess energy which we create and do not use. I thought the pv cells wouldn't cover all our running costs needed for the house; fridge, washing machine, lights etc, but apparently we're getting the super maxi turbo size version.


Rixa said...

I just found your blog today (followed a link through my stat counter) and wanted to say hello! I'm Rixa (from The True Face of Birth blog) and I'm also finishing my dissertation right now. We're trying to sell our house and move, so I'm putting it on hold temporarily until that is done with.

I love that you're doing solar electricity hooked up to the main power grid. I'd love to do something like that where I live. We have a lot of overcast days here in the Midwestern US, so it might not be as profitable as it is where you are. Something to look into once we're settle in to our new house...

You are so lucky to have Lisa for your midwife, too. She seems like a real gem.

MsMoo said...

Hi Rixa,thanks for your 'Hello'. Wonderful dramas going on over on yours- keep up the great work. We are trying to practice what we preach here and live a somewhat reduced impact lifestyle but its hard to live up to ones own expectations, especially with older kids! Oz is a great place for solar thats for sure, we dont use nearly enough of it. Lisa is great and hopefully i will have to call her in the newxt few days!