Saturday, March 29

blog stress

the trouble with blogging is that is causes me stress... where to start...what to write... i feel if i start I wont stop and still be here this afternoon with nothing else acomplished..maybe some discipline in my thinking process is required? Browsing the world of knitters blogs has led me to develop an inferiority complex. There are some incredibly talented people out there! Not only can they knit like goddesses but they can take a mean pic and then know how to photoshop it and can write an interesting blog and raise a herd of mini goddesses and gods and cook like Nigella! My mind boggles and if i wasnt 8 months pregnant and it wasnt only 1 in the afternoon and have to drive B1 to a sleepover, Id definitely go down into the cellar and open a bottle of wine!
Maybe i should lower my expectation of my creative pursuits and start where it all began.

Im not sure why such a humble object should cause me to feel such inner peace (maybe the no brainer factor) but it rekindled my desire to pick up the needles and have another go, hence the baby hat im in the middle of. I have dropped a stitch in some strange fashion at the end of a row and cant figure out how to get it back! I really should have paid attention more to my mothers knitting instructions coz there's a waaaay big difference between the humble dishcloth and the brooklyntweed! A trip to my mothers is on the cards. LOL

Managed to drag ourselves out last night to see the Northern Lights. It really was stunning to see the old buildings on Nth Terrace lit so beautifully and to see soo many people out enjoying the spectacle.

But lugging a possibe 10lb baby around at 9pm really challenges the back. B2 was a tad over 10lb and this is a boybean so odds are JUMBO BEAN...but i have reduced my carb intake considerably this time around and am not indulging in kilos of Maggie Beer pate . either, so my weight gain this time around has been minimal. in fact, i think i have lost 'my' weight as my rings are spinning.

Here's one last one. The colours and designs were fantastic, quite breathtaking, with designs and colours on each building changing every minute or so.

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