Wednesday, March 26

my first blog

I must confess to being rather shallow.... I decided to create this blog just because i really love the type setting and colours that this template offers , it's just so easy on the eye and it does something to my heart when i view it. Weird huh? Every time I came across this blog in my googled search for a cool but manageable knitting pattern or yum recipe, i was drawn to it instantly and had to read it.

My interest in blogging began when procrastinating over preparing my final edit for my PhD dissertation during my 7th month of pregnancy and working from thrilling to be swept away in the sheer ordinariness of someone elses life . Hours would pass at my pc and i would find myself panicking and hitting the ' word count' button in my word document to see just how little I had achieved. But now i am on maternity leave for 9 months and can guiltlessly ( is that a word?) cruise interesting blogs to my hearts content until this beanboy is born.

But now, a new dilemma, what makes for an interesting blog?
First person or third?
Great pics or regular shots?
Rambling musings or structured sentences...
Stream of consciousness writing is easy but does anyone really care?
Food for further thought.

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