Friday, March 28

decision of diarising

well, I am now into my 36th week of pregnancy and end of my first week at home on leave..
PhD has been happily put to the back of my mind after finally handing over a full copy of my draft to my principal supervisor and I have given myself permission to not do anything on it until after the baby is born. The peace of mind after 8 years of work on this huge project has been immense and I feel that a substantial amount of time away from it will be theraputic. My husband has noticed how much more relaxed I am . Well, a good nights sleep after finally buying a foam mattress this week to replace my side of the futon has helped too! I swore blind after my second child to NEVER EVER go through another pregnancy on a futon ever again. So.. second marrriage.. I ended up marrying a futon maker! LOL

Baby bean has been very active this last week and the contractions are firming up and making themselves known and I have had a few 'ahhah' moments where memories of my last labour flash back and I feel that labour is imminent. I cant believe baby no.3 will be here in a few weeks, it feels quite surreal. I have been mooching about the house this week with the odd trip out, i am finding i cant do too much anymore and am just running out of steam after not doing very much at all. Its quite dissappointing and I feel useless with so many things i want to get done before this baby arrives but i feel soooo flat. I did manage to organise and fully autumn clean my chosen birthing space this morning-oh the achievements in the later stage of pregnancy!

Beans 1 & 2 go to QLD to visit their dad in a week and i am hoping they dont miss the birth of their baby brother, but I just have to let go and accept whatever happens. Oh yeah, must go clean the birth pool today as it is covered in fine pine pollen from being used outside as a hot weather soaking pool (heaven)during the 2 week heat wave we had a couple of weekends ago; 16 days of +35. New record for Oz. But now the cold has arrived and we even put a fire on last night- quite a change from the week before when my dear partner was wiping me down with cold cloths to fend of the temp! But the cooler weather and fire and cozy home means the knitting has come out again and this hat i am making for new bean may be finished in time.

I came across this interesting post" today after searching around for some blogging info. it pretty much sums up the thoughts about blogging that were swimming around in my head in bed at half four yesterday morning and deconstructing my desires for creating a blog...

We are all off to visit the Adelaide Festivals' Northern lights tonight and i will take some pics and see how I go at loading them up onto this site. B2 is VERY excited about going at last- she has been waiting eagerly all week and tonights dinner out will be the last one we do together as the 4 of us before we become 5.

Tomorrow I plan to take some shots of DPs latest project-known around the house as 'The Studio', that he is building for us all in the top part of the garden. The main house gets almost no Nth facing winter sunshine despite having a mainly European deciduous garden as we are located at the bottom of a small valley so he is building a multipurpose room for us all to use, particularly in the winter months. Being higher than the house it will get the winter sun and hence we are using the roof of the new studio to locate a full suite of PV solar cells which will provide us with a little more than half all our energy needs, the rest we will still have to pay for but at the least , we buy our electricity from a wind provider.

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