Wednesday, March 24

in my inbox this morning

Good afternoon all. Please be aware that “Earth Hour” is happening again this Saturday night. In an effort to encourage involvement and assist with ensuring greatest affect it would be a good thing to turn off the lights before leaving on Friday night and also on Saturday if you happen to be in the building through the day. Please mention it to all in your respective areas, its’ a simple thing to do and it can have a huge collective impact for the better.

Mr X.
Facilities Manager
Contracted Company Y

*slaps forehead*

I hate Earth Hour.
My emailed response...Umm, why not do this EVERYDAY day?


SJK said...

There is no place like the Sydney Harbour in Sydney during the night hours – and that’s especially true for the Earth Hour! And there’s no better place than a plush cruising restaurant to enjoy the unique experience of the Earth Hour!

Alicia said...


Julie said...

Wow, an Earth Hour spam comment, lucky you Kel.

Ppl watching from "a plush cruising restaurant" exemplifies exactly why I hate Earth Hour.


Annuska said...

We do it once a month or so- it does not have to mean you are not always careful! We use it as a brainstorming for ideas on how to be more energy savy in general.

Sarah said...

LOVE your reply!!!! Wonder how they took that suggestion? Maybe they will have to approach the board??? Yup - will need serious late night discussion on this novel idea... Yup will even have to possibly approach the union for further advice?