Friday, March 12

balsamic gift

Gifts such as this one are priceless. 30 year old balsamic vinegar, aged in French Oak. 6 litres of the stuff. Did I want some??? YESSSS!!! ...(please, thank you that would be lovely) It's almost a wet your pants kinda score really. Well, thats probably a bit a sad, or just gross, but for a foodie who loves food with provenance (Ive now used that word twice this week!!) eek! well I just about died and went to heaven. That's me done for Friday.
No haiku waiting.
My brain has left my body.
Going on a date.


belinda said...


That certainly is something to celebrate, you don't come across such wonders very often.

Kind Regards

Katy said...

How brilliant! Your home must be a treasure trove of wonderful suprises. Hope you have a beautiful date x

Veggie Gnome said...

Wow! *gobsmacked*

That is indeed special. Enjoy!

food said...

brain only just back! comments from me are getting very thin these days! special special..haven used it yet just had a slurp. noice!