Tuesday, March 23

Im alive

Im reading your posts, commenting in my head, laughing and nodding and rejoicing in the historic and civilised first step towards better health care in the US. Just in recovery mode. I HAVE made crackfudge...twice. I went to rescue a loaded electrical powerboard from a fountain of wee, and viola! burnt sugar!(or was that supposed to be i rescued a person and their fountain of wee from a loaded powerboard...?) but i was determined to make the bloody stuff after the cardaMOM adventure. Ive gardened, planted seeds, survived an election and business start-up etc and am now in recovery mode as I take stock of all that has been over the last month or so and prepare to head back to work after 2 and a half weeks 'holiday', a subjective term. See you soon.

PS. MAKE THE FUDGE. Use your fave fudge recipe (if you have one-i didnt, never made fudge before so ended up with a crystaline one due to low fat:high sugar ratio) if not use one with heaps of cream and fat as this one wasnt creamy enough by far. The combination of cardamon, salt and roast almond is well, moreish to say the least!


Katy said...

Yum!Glad to see you back here - hope all is well x

wombat064 said...

So the moral of Kels story,
Dont wee on laoded power boards if your sugar level is too high,
or youll end up making fudge.

Good to see youve still got the humour bone happening my friend.