Sunday, March 7

extra special sourdough pancakes

I love sourdough anything and these pancakes were no exception. Slightly tangy and ohh so light and full of nutty goodness and like all good pancakes, they have story. The sourdough starter I used has a lovely history.

Its come all the way from a bakery in Anchorage, Alaska, shipped over dried from a friend to a friend, who then travelled from Tassie to Melbourne with it in a little bottle to handover at our girly weekend. It's over 100 years old. Hows that for a pancake with provenance? The starter has been fed and divided and this mix uses the starter excess that would normally be tossed away.

As always, I didnt really measure anything, just dumped some local organic flour in with about a cup of starter, some milk, an egg and a sprinkle of sugar and mixed until it seemed like good pancake batter consistency. I ignored the weevil that fell on the counter top, telling myself a) it was the only one and b) if it wasnt..i eat worse things like a big chunk of dead cow and dead chicken and stuff like that.

I decided that a pancake with such lineage and extra protein needed a special light something to go with it so I cooked up some handy freezer stored organic, 'handplucked by moi' blackberries and redcurrants in a pan with a little sugar to make a 'Chez Pan coulis' (I just made that up for sure!)
Verdict: EXTRA good.


Rixa said...

Eeks! Weevils! I'm probably not as brave at ignoring them. Insects in general don't bother me--except when they're in my food. I still shiver when I remember the time I was cooking curried lamb couscous for 50 people and I had a big pot of chopped onions sauteeing and I looked in and saw cockroaches scurrying around with the onions. I threw the whole pot out and started over.

Gavin said...

I suppose that is what happens when you take the lesser of two weevils!

Laura Jane said...

drooling heavily here, they look DIVINE!!!

I am about to declare weevil moth warfare in my house, its them or me!

(beetles off to consider pancakes for dessert, using home-made strawberry sauce for topping)

Karin said...

Oooo! Those are special! What a starter! Very interesting pancakes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Please send me some, can't pancakes be shipped to England?! lol

Katrina said...

To funny, comparing weevils to chicken but I found myself saying, well of course. No one will eat at my house again! Thanks for telling on yourself.

belinda said...

Hi Kel,

I have awarded you the Sunshine Award please come on over to pick it up.

Kind Regards

Suburbia Girl said...

Yum, my mouth is watering at looking at those delicious berries!