Sunday, February 28

catching up

Maybe that post heading should be 'trying to keep up"? Very absent blogging here at Chez Pan, not even a Haiku to be had. Things are starting to resemble a post apoclyptic world. Good thing i have the girls well trained. Somehow I need to reconcile my astonishment at just what can happen to ones house and environs when neglected by two adults (and used by four and a toddler adept at untidying a room in one minute flat) for a few weeks with my shock at what actually needs doing once Ive stopped and smelt the laundry. I havent even unpacked from my trip away. My travel bag is open and still on the floor, its guts strewn about and im living out of it! At home! I figure once Ive worked my way through it, it will have been 'organically' unpacked. I think I left one Birkenstock behind but i feel weird ringing the Hilton and asking for an ancient and quite feral Birkie and 'would they please send it back'? Its on THE LIST. I packed on the bed coz it was table height(I kid you not!) and I think it got swallowed in the uber super topped downy cloud. Im now at the stage where I think the Bloke getting a seat in Parliment might be a great idea - Im fantasising about some home help!

Let me tell you how things are around here; for a foodie, a dinner paints a thousand stories. No pasta left, no vege left, no fruit left, no eggs left. Last nights dinner consisted of microwaved jasmine rice with a can of 'emergency' chilli tuna (in olive oil- some standards still apply) stirred through. To which I added the LAST vegetable- an old shrivelling corn cob with the mouldy end sliced off, a fridge stashed quarter red onion rescued from sure death, and a small hard knob of cheddar which I only found when i stood on tiptoes to re-check the cheese bit in the fridge and a handfull of cherry tomatoes (its a fruit). We would have had some fresh zucchini if we'd been watering the garden on a regular basis. In hindsight some basil and parsley from the garden would have been a good idea but between still suffering the gastro I'd bolted home from work with on Friday and the Bloke heading out 'in half an hour' to 'Recycleball', B2 to get to a party and B1 having just broken up with her 'boyfiend' , I just wasnt a thinking epicurean.

THE LIST - must be done today. Heading up in order of importance are:
1. water garden.
2. do laundry
4. 100 other jobs relating to the 'professional' website Im in charge of building and managing and the 400 subscribers Im communicating with so I can actually link the payment gateway that we need operational next week and have everyone onboard, ready for launch in a few weeks time. Food Connect Adelaide is really going off! Weve been averaging two 4-hour meetings per week to get it ready for launch.

Thens there's pics on the camera that need downloading, need to check if the cats actually gone missing, move the potted tomatoes to a possum challenging space, change the sheets (!), a thesis to think about, dusting (probably more akin to washing by now), garden pruning (the lovely Japanese style garden we had is now an experiment in Mediterranean style peremaculture principles), personal pruning (the downside to short hair is it ends up like a thatch if not tended regularly- looking a bit Sharon right about now- sorry if I have any readers called Sharon) and some nail tending might be professionally appropriate before meetings next week; half chewed and chipped and full of dirt can be offputting. Need to cut.

5. Maybe some kid time might be nice too. I say lets go out for brunch!
6. Birkenstock retrieval

(p.s) many apologies for not keeping on top of comments! My standards are really slipping. i love youse all)

Do you get the feeling things are slightly coming apart at the seams? *high pitched slightly hysterical laughter* accompanies


Sarah said...

Hang in thee Kelly!

It will all be back to normal - one day...

At least I now know you are HUMAN and not some super amazing mange-to-do-so-much- woman!!!!

belinda said...

Best Wishes,

Sounds like you're doing the best with what you got.

I hope you can find some sanity time in there some where.

Kind Regards

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

You've made a list, so that's a start, just take it from there.
(the word veri was goveg !!!)

Annuska said...

I have also been feeling the same overwhelm BUT I managed to unpack the bag yesterday night- not bad- over a week of living of it (and mine was in the living room) and even folded laundry (mountain halved) will all come together- you know it! Hang in there!

Kelly said...

sarah- always human!!! Just running a little out of puff in this last few weeks until the election! Im hanging in there and still laughing(sometimes).

belinda- i am, i just hate not being able to operate at full acapacity like htis!! Drives me craaaazy!

ana- glad to know it wasnt just me- i think theres 1 pair of knickers, a dress and a t-shirt left to go! Im hanging in! always!
pip- exactly, and I did them! Love the word veri- they can be a little too accurate sometimes!