Sunday, December 12

winding down

I'm finally learning how to incorporate this new hectic life into my slow ideals. Embrace it!
I'm reminded that I can be busy as but mindful and present, letting go of the need to control most aspects of our life has really helped. Recognizing my need to control these things is a bit of a revelation. Its really OK if the kid doesn't get a bath or have a sleep some days, even two days in a row! Enjoying life is the important bit. Letting go of some rigidity in structure really helps this. I try not to freak out about the expenditure on my new business, the ethicurean, too much, and its plodding along nicely but i really must get into some marketing next year if I am to recoup any investment in the future! lol

The girls are happy happy happy and its so lovely to have them on holidays and home! The bean loves it too, more people to play with! and more often! B2 has finished up at her Montessori primary school and is heading off to high school next year and  B1 starts her final year of school. Its a holiday to enjoy this one! The house is a noisy mess and I'm loving it. It helps that the girls have finally moved into that lovely 'adult' phase where they do dishes and washing and tidy up without being asked. this is most likely the primary reason  for my loosening of the reigns!

The Bloke is now a Councillor and is out OFTEN. He's enjoying the challenges that have already arisen (Inverbrackie - the site for the new refugee centre is in our council ward) and is beating off the rednecks who have emerged from the woodwork in force. The new council is very Green and we have a very Green new mayor. I'm looking  forward to lots of great new and exciting local initiatives in the next four years with the appointments of arts and sustainability officers for the Hills region.

Work is winding down (well except for the three new grant applications Im trying to get ready for early in the new year)  and I love  the languid sense that work gets in the last few weeks of the year with people starting to chill and the weather changing and Xmas functions aplenty. We are all looking forward to what may well be our last complete ( all 5 of us) family holiday in the New Year.

Christmas prep with the brother is working well, just received an email as he is trying to plan  the lunch menu! How good is that! Bit different to last years family fiasco! I'm really looking forward to some glazed happy ham that i intend to take. Anyone got a perfect glazed ham recipe? I love food prep for Christmas! its so...festive!

I hope your end of year is slowing down and you are looking forward to a wee break!

My that pile of crusts in the pic waiting to become breadcrumbs really needs looks a little precarious! lol


greenfumb said...

Being a teacher I love this time of the year too, I just get slower and slower and slower. And spend my whole life thinking about food. I had a brilliant glazed ham recipe last year but can't for the life of me remember where I found it. Will let you know if it turns up, we are having it again this year so I'd better get looking.

Umatji said...

sounds lovely - how wonderful having small and tall there doing all that cooking. Well done to your fella. my fella is working as a nurse at inverbrakie - we were so sad to hear they are putting a fence up!
nothing like a fence to make everyone feel afraid.
hope the red necks go quiet - I have heard that it is a loud minority and hope so. new council sounds interesting. hope it is all and more that is hoped for.
enjoy the season.

Jacqui & Mick said...

well done on making it through the year Kelly with so much going on for you work, study, family, business, not to mention the garden and the food connect project. Makes me tired just writing all that! I have a close friend on council here - just spent two hours with chatting about what she's been doing - it's a big job and often very frustrating but also very satisfying. Having a Green Mayor will make all the difference. So exciting to see things changing at a local level - makes me wonder if we really need state governments at all.

I hope 2011 is a really good year for you and yours. Enjoy the end of year festivities - sorry can't help on the glazed ham front.

Jen said...

In the spirit of FB, ill say an inane *like* and then also add I try to attain this state of being too where one is busy, but not frazzled. It sounds so easy, but only if one can let go of the control stuff. Interestingly by letting go of the need to control things, you find you have a little more energy to do all the things you want to do, dontcha reckon? I dont always get it right though, and get sucked up into the 'only I can manage this properly' vortex.

Kelly said...

thanks for your thoughts lovely people! breathing and pacing... wishing you all a lovely one!