Sunday, December 19

Salad of greens with mango chutney dressing

This in one of my all time favourite  salads! What greens you use are almost irrelevant. I have used coz, iceberg, rocket, english spinach, mache. Whatever you have to hand and is in season. If I'm using a head of lettuce like coz or iceberg, I prefer to quarter it and quarter again, like and orange, and lay the segments in a bowl to serve so that its easy to get both tender heart and outer leaves to a serve. I also vary the cheese used, but its always a soft, creamy style; goat curd, feta. Sometimes I layer the lettuce segments with avocado and top with a heap of fresh chopped herbs from the garden, whatever is available.
garden greens
roasted slivered almonds or whole roasted, chopped.
cheese - feta, goat curd.
1 -2 tabs Mango Chutney (I always use Sharwoods Green label)
2-3 tabs good red wine or other dark grape vinegar
3 tabs olive oil

Mix dressing ingredients well in a shaker. Place greens in bowl, top with other ingredients. Pour over salad. Gently agitate dressing in.


Steve Finnell said...

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Bee said...

Sounds delightfully simple and yummy

Jacqui and Mick said...

That dressing looks great - thanks for sharing it!

Umatji said...

yum. will try, We are just about to make our mango chutney again. Last year and this year but we already ate this years! Lucky they are still around.

Anonymous said...

it is a very interesting salad, thanks for sharing. i really love it. i used brie on the side instead of feta cheese, but in fact, the dressing does it all :)