Saturday, December 18

Christmas menu planning

One of my most favourite meal times is Christmas. I love everything about the preparation; the reading of blogs, magazines and recipe books to find something that suits my fancy for the day and the dedication of a day or two to preparation and shopping. I like cooking anyway but it always feels much more special, probably due to the more extraordinary ingredients or volume involved.

My family have never done the roast and veg at Christmas lunch. My mum was a vegetarian when I was growing up  and so we had our own version of the roast; her marvelous Nut Loaf with Pimiento Sauce. Its stuffed with sage and onion and has a fantastic texture. To be found in the womens weekly vego cookbook.  It's now an institution as we all love it. So Christmas is always a nut loaf or two (coz we all like leftovers) and a bonanza of seafood, fish and fresh salads.

But this year I'm thinking of contributing a gingerbread spice glazed local happy ham with fresh cherry relish (coz we had a stupendous one at our wedding and I haven't had any since!), a baked ricotta with a sticky tomato balsamic glaze, spinach, persian feta and roast almond salad with a mango chutney dressing and mince tart ice-cream with brandy snap and a load of fresh raspberries. And bubbles.
Christmas Eve, I plan on eating macarons.

What are you all planning for Christmas lunch?


greenfumb said...

My family are all Brits and we have pure Winter Christmas traditional fare - I just pray for a cold wet 25th so I don't have to be hospitalised with heat exhaustion.

I have tried doing other things but it is not considered to be a proper Christmas without a roast and plum pud.

That persian feta salad sound divine :-)

Kerrie said...

We are going out for lunch this Christmas Day (Novotel Grand Ballroom) but I'm planning a special dinner on the you I am poring over the books. Not sure exactly what we are having other than the cray tails I have ordered.

Can you share the Spinach & Feta recipe Kel..?? Myles is very allergic to nuts but toasted pine nuts would do instead of the almonds, wouldn't they..??

Had my first ham of the season this morning...just had to check and make sure it was okay you know... :-) We ordered our (also happy) ham weeks ago and I have been looking forward to it so much.

Bee said...

Sounds absolutely delicious. I love the food planning part too!