Monday, October 25

crazy busy

life is that and I have been banging on about it for a while. It probably has been for the last 12 months ( or more) just ...crazy busy! No time to stop and smell the roses. Not cool for someone who believes in 'slow'. I even had to remove my blog tag line as a felt such a fraud. A Slow family? pffft! Since we fully embraced  'green', as a family approach, we have never been busier , as individuals and as a family. For The Bloke its been not only looking after an ecological house and two acres of woodland and forest and running for political positions at both State and local level and numerous community ventures plus being a stay home dad, and for me being a worker and involved in two 'green' start ups,  work , a PhD to finish as well as volunteering and both of us running a home with three kids and doing everything that we can from scratch..well... slow it aint!

However, blogland takes care of itself and not having much energy to be creative on this front, it has interested me to see seasonal changes in visiting patterns to this here wee blog. It's been the second year I have noticed it and I love seeing what I write have some meaning for others.
My top hits on this blog right now are driven by Northern Hemisphere visitors who are having seasonal issues with certain produce; my crabapple verjus post, making tea from camellia japonica (top ever hit post) , spiced pear paste post, rhubarb champagne post, mushroom duxelle post (yummo) and Jaspers birth story ( not seasonal I know!) and tomato tee pees (local and seasonal and my only follow up advice is to make the teepee height higher than you think is necessary) and onion weed pasta sauce ( yeah, this was never going to be a high end food blog) .
Go figure.


Umatji said...

now you know slow is not about the speed so don't be beating yourself up about that. As long as you are doing slow fast, its still slow. Um, that doesn't sound like what I am trying to say - do you know what I am trying to say? Some days we do slow slow and somedays we do slow fast. On bad days we do fast slow or fast fast - that is terrible!

Kelly said...

ROFL! Thank you.