Saturday, October 30

The Container challenge

Remember this post from last year (or was it the year before?). And this? The challenge still stands.
I've been really fascinated going through my blog posts- a retrospective of my own- and in looking where I have been on our journey to minimise consumption, I am so encouraged by the number of people I see and hear about around the place who seem to be really interested in reducing packaging and consuming unnecessary plastics.  This post last year was one of the most popular and I have really noticed an increase in the number of people using these toothbrushes which is just fantastic.

My latest 'Stretch It' success has been the introduction of paper wrapped local biodynamic bulk butter from the Central Market here in Adelaide into our weekly shop.  Next on the list for Chez Pan is getting organised about bulk fresh rice noodle and tofu from the Asian shop in the market. These plastic packages keep appearing!


Umatji said...

Just ordered some tooth brushes - how did you find them? I am thinking about putting a few in CHristmas stockings! Who is selling bulk butter in the market? I must say I don't really like the paris creek butter - I find it a bit bland - I like the true organic one but it is not local which I don't like. Would love to know who is selling it in the market. Also - have you come across joyeata? We order from them - they e-mail a list each week and we order and they deliver to us on Friday each week - I hardly go shopping except for fun indulgence any more!

Kelly said...

- i found them in a professional journal at work- the woman who makes them was featured on the cover with story inside (dental mag) arent they great! i find them very acceptable and they are soft as is recommended. Say cheese (just next to stinky cheese) sells the butter. no- havent heard of joyeata- will check them out if they sell organic mushies! I get 'food connect' boxes of fruit and veg every week as I am a city cousin and a director and manage all social media for them too! but have room for mushies...thanks for the tip