Monday, September 27

the ethicurean winners are...

Gee, try stopping at just three...I ended up deciding to pick a winner from each State and Territory that entered.  No one entered from my home state which really surprised me! ???
Well, first I should say that all names were randomly drawn by my daughter in a very sophisticated system of write 'em down, turn 'em over and and pick one from each group.
So who got lucky?

Well, Sarah from the ACT did- she was the only entrant and so the winner there- see you gotta be in it to win it- you just never know!
Bee from Victoria
Hannah from Brisbane
Darren from NSW
Catroina from Tassie
Ruth from WA

Email me your postal addies and I will send out tomorrow your requested set. I hope you all enjoy them.
Thanks to everyone for entering! It's been nice to 'meet' some new people and see some old faces.And thank you for letting me know why you were interested in a produce bag, it helps me understand what people are looking for, and why.
P.S. If you have changed your mind on a selected set- let me know in the email what you would like.


Bee said...

Wow, thank you so much Kelly! I'll make sure I do a write up on my blog as well!

Jen said...

Thanks for entering my frined Catriona! She'll be thrilled!

Kale for Sale said...

Reason number fifty six why these bags are such a prize -- farmers routinely knock off a bit of change for carrying my own bags. It makes using them not only a pleasure because they feel good but nearly profitable. I'm glad to see your business is up and running!